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What Makes Me Tick…


Who is this Late Bloomer chick, anyway?

Late Bloomer: a person who matures, achieves proficiency in some field or skill, etc. later than such a person is normally expected to

Late Bloomer Blogger: 1:  a woman in the throes of an existential crisis (more commonly referred to as mid-life crisis) who aspires to fulfill lifelong dreams while growing, thriving, and hopefully inspiring others along the way.  2:  She is no longer waiting around for Happily Ever After to show up.  She’s creating her own damn fairy tale.  3:  Fellow late bloomers and late bloomer wannabees are encouraged to join her crusade.

Chapter One:  The Year of Living Curiously (aka 365 or Bust): 1: an insane 365 day project where our fearless and frazzled heroine breaks free of a gargantuan rut by trying one new/inspiring/interesting/
uplifting/provocative/ or soul-stirring thing each day  2: replaces Xanax in the event of an existential/mid-life crisis

Chapter Two:  The Year of Play:  1.  an infinitely saner 52 playdate project in which our heroine appeases her inner child by frolicking, romping, sparkling, and flitting.


Hi.  I’m Michelle.  Welcome to my blog.  It’s a pleasure to meet you.  I hope that you sit and stay awhile.

If we were meeting in real life, I would serve you one of my famous Almond Milk Lattes made with 2 shots of the World’s Best Italian Espresso and a hint of agave syrup.  (I promise you that it’s delicious.  I’ve converted many of my Starbucksaholic friends.)

Yet you are at your computer, and I’m probably at mine, so that leaves us to a virtual getting-to-know-you.  Please reach out to me through comments on my posts or Talk to Me.

If you are feeling super feisty and creative, then share your play idea for my 52 Playdates project. I have 52 slots to fill, and I only have a few ideas at the moment.  Bring it!

Last year, I embarked on a 365 day project dubbed “The Year of Living Curiously”.  I injected one soul-scintillating curiosity into each day for a year.  Somehow I balanced work, life, blog and a rescue puppy without having a major meltdown.  (Although my mother has reminded me of a few mini “episodes”.)  You can read about what evolved into the best year of my life (so far) here.  


Quirky Facts…

  • I am not a home improvement guru, but I played one on TV.  A few years ago, I scored a spot on the show Trading Spaces. Yes, I love my room (designed by Genevieve), and yes, Carter is a hottie.
  • I lived in a haunted house in New York.
  • If there is such a thing as reincarnation, I would want to come back as a prima ballerina.  Or a dolphin.
  • I need a lullaby and/or a bedtime story before bed.
  • While we’re on the topic of sleep issues, I am addicted to a homeopathic sleep remedy called Moon Drops.  Look for it at your local Whole Foods.
  • I reside in the Dating Desert.  A few years ago, we were dubbed “The Worst Place to Find Love” by the media.
  • Deserts also contain Oases, and I therefore believe in True Love.   Which makes me…
  • …Charlotte with a sprinkling of Carrie.
  • I am 50% Portuguese.  In my family, this is also referred to as a PPW (Powerful Portuguese Woman).  My family rivals the family in My Big Fat Greek Wedding.
  • At one point or another, I have dreamed of being a figure skater, a ballerina, an actress, a singer, a writer, a Shakespearean scholar, a teacher, a Masterpiece Theatre director, and an entrepreneur.
  • I have worked as an actress, singer, teacher, entrepreneur, and unfortunately during one horrid summer in college, a clown.
  • Fairly recently, I left the field of education and sold my soul to Corporate America.  Before you feel too sorry for me, our corporate culture is pretty stellar, I’m still making a difference in the lives of children (but this time with appropriate compensation), and my work peeps are second to none.  Sometimes I wonder if I’m having too much fun at work.  Take THAT, Google!
  • My latest fantasy involves chucking my day job and enlisting in Whale Wars. This would be a big step for me, as I am very attached to my hair and make-up products because after an “experience” in Santa Barbara, I would more than likely need an IV drip of Dramamine.

What Floats My Boat…

guitar…singing…dogs…the arts…yoga…writing…friends & fam…education…fitness…the ocean…sunny skies…good food…lifelong learning…espresso…mountain views…hope