Day 308: Happy Shark Week, Everybody!

Are you a fan of Shark Week?


My sister and I have been watching since its inception.  I just Googled to find out when the heck that was, and I learned it all began in the summer of 1987.  Which just so happens to be the summer following my high school graduation.  Ahem.  Moving right along…


I have always been a sucker for nature shows/documentaries, and Shark Week has a particular appeal.  Maybe it’s because I was forbidden (too young) to see Jaws when it was orginally released in the theaters.


My parents saw Jaws during that summer of 1975 though.  I have vivid of memories of my mother REFUSING to go into the water at the beach house all summer.  Even though the house was on Little Peconic Bay, not the Atlantic Ocean.  Bays are too warm for Great Whites.


(Little Peconic Bay is not, however, too warm for sand sharks.)



Circa 1985 = Horrendous Hair & Pre-Shark Week



My mother was being ridiculous.  Certainly Jaws couldn’t happen in Southampton, NY!  Right?


Yeah, yeah, yeah.  That’s what they thought in the sleepy little beach town of Chatham on Cape Cod.  And then…




Man, I love Shark Week.


I wish I could watch every night this week, but that sort of defeats the purpose of this 365 day project.  Right?  :-(


10 thoughts on “Day 308: Happy Shark Week, Everybody!

  1. Love Shark Week, also. They really fascinate me. And I loved the movie, Jaws, even though that shard was so obviously fake it was laughable!

    1. I know. And the music is brilliant. I have a dream of going to one of those Dive-In Movies and watching from a big a inner tube as my legs dangle in the pool. Someday! :-D

  2. Shark Week is too stressful… I’m watching Starfish Week on the Hallmark Channel.

    That sandshark went after my toe when I put him back in the water after that picture. You think he would have been more grateful that I was saving his life. That is one of my alltime favorite pics of us!

    1. Did you make this up or is there really a Starfish Week????

      All I can say about that pic is…your hair. The cut. And Carolyn had it, too! Oh, my.

  3. LOVE this picture of the two of you. I remember that day so well. You had been out fishing with Papa and brought the sharks back to the dock to show us. Then you walked them thru the water to revive them and off they swam.

    LOOK at your hair styles….both of you! Your grandfather was still so young.

  4. Just getting around to lots of your blogs now that I’m back from FL. Hilarious picture! Very adventurous though. I don’t think I would have held a shark. Does Jennie have the bi-level cut??? Geez, I loved that look…. so 80s!!!! I have no memory of you liking Shark Week. I only heard about it from Pete a few years back. We were watching in FL. Of course I’m asking the kids, “So, who wants to go to the beach?” ha. We are going to Nantucket for a week later this month and my friend who is up there said there are sharks! I’ll let you know.

    1. Yep. I think Jennie stole that haircut from you! hahahahaha!!! THERE ARE GREAT WHITE SHARKS OFF THE COAST OF MASSACHUSETTS!!!! SWIM AT YOUR OWN RISK!!! :-P

  5. Love the picture! I agree with Carolyn, don’t know if I’d hold a shark, but I’m impressed that you and your sister did. Nice hair. I miss the 80’s!

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