Day 252: Soul Explosion


Soul-scintillating Highlights from My 2nd Day at World Domination Summer Camp:

  • Hefty doses of inspiration from another round of SuperMojo speakers: WDS Crew Improvisation Extraordinaire, Andrea Scher & Jen Lemen of Mondo Beyondo, John T. Unger, and Jonathan Fields.
  • I was feeling camera shy, but Sam convinced me that I needed to film my blurb in the bloody confessional.  (Sam is a Brit, and I love an excuse to throw around Brit-isms.)
Not shy for long.


  • A never-ending supply of Magic Kool-Aid
  • More new friends:  Cate, MikeLisa, Helen, and even more!
  • I never win things, but I won a copy of Michael Bungay Stanier’s book Do More Great Work which just so happens to be a favorite of Brettesy’s!  (Technically, I won Get Unstuck and Get Going, but I purchased that one a few years ago and asked if I could substitute.  Michael graciously humored me.)
  • Leo and another Kind WDS Stranger came to my rescue and found my purse.  Long story.
  • More free food and coffee/tea at Snack Time (We established in yesterday’s post that I am orally fixated.)
  • After party with an appearance from the VooDoo Donuts food tuck (Ditto.)



My Eureka!/Aha!/This is so me!/I want to be just like them when I grow up! Moment:


The Dynamic Duo behind Mondo Beyondo lit a fire in my soul!  A fire, I tell you!  Beyond soul-scintillation!  Soul EXPLOSION!


What the heck is Mondo Beyondo, you ask?  Find out for yourself here.


My mom has always said that I’m the eternal dreamer, and Mondo Beyondo is all about living your BIGGEST dreams.


Yep.  Sooooooooo me.  Sigh…


After an activity where we shared a story of a pivotal moment in our lives with another, our partner was asked to reflect the 3 values that resonated throughout our story.


Mine were:


  • feeling alive/awake/enthused
  • connection
  • play

We were then asked to write one of the values somewhere on our body with a Sharpie.  Hey — when in Portland, do like the natives and tattoo!



Later that evening…


While meeting Melody on the shuttle back to downtown, she asked about my blog.  When I explained that I was in the midst of a 365 Days of Living Curiously project, she showed me her tattoo.



What is your “word”?  Care to tattoo you?


4 thoughts on “Day 252: Soul Explosion

  1. I love, love, love that you met someone with curious on their arm. And that you got your voodoo donuts. Sorry I couldn’t stay. But did I tell you that when I got to the airport I bumped into Mondo Beyondo Andrea and she had “Brave” written on her arm, just like me! Unreal. Have you signed up for July 5th? I have. I bought one for Fred but I might give it to my sister instead.

    More Briticisms please!

    1. Yay! I have COMMITTED to signing up to July 5th, and I will…as soon as I catch up with blog posts. Which should be this Friday. :-D Tally ho! (Sorry. Lame, I know. That’s the best I can do with the Briticisms when it’s getting late and I’m this bloody tired! haha!)

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